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Internet Success - Is it Only a Dream?
2002 Raymond Johnston Jr

  These past couple of years have been quite the eye opener for many in the work force. I happen to live in the United States but I think people everywhere can relate.

  An ever so generous economy suddenly got out of bed on the wrong side one morning. The consequences played no favorites. Most sectors took tremendous hits. Suddenly, job situations that looked very stable, collapsed.

  The leader of this collapse, an Internet craze of mass proportion. Why, because a lot of people see the unbelievable potential that exists in something that has barely been born.

  The question is not whether that great potential will be reached, but only how far does it go.

  The Internet is still in an infant stage. There are going to be a lot of success stories come from those who choose to venture in that direction.

  Can you be one of these success stories?

  I personally think it is the greatest opportunity I have seen in my lifetime. I don't like the 9 to 5 routine. Does that mean I don't like to work? My wife would get quite a kick out of that. She claims I am the real reason the word workoholic came to be.

  It's not exactly the award you hang up on your office wall but you get the picture.

  I think we all have the capabilities to be an Internet success story.

  Are you willing to give what it takes to become successful?

  The people who are telling you, they only work 10 hours a week and bring in six figures a year, did not start their business in the last few months.

  Starting a business on the Internet takes work and if you plan on building an income very quickly, a whole lot of work. But if you work at it, you can build a business, just as you can in any sector of the country.

  It takes time, and especially when you first start out, you must be willing to give it.

  Does everyone have what it takes to be a success on the Internet?

  I think that the capabilities lie inside each of us to be successful in whatever we may choose.

  You may have to work on certain aspects of life that you are not as proficient at, but look at the benefits.

* You work the hours you choose.

* You have the whole world as potential customers and business partners.

* You don't have to dress up for work.

* Bad hair days don't mean a thing.

* You are the boss. ( Well at least you are at work ) :o)

* Whatever you build, you build for yourself and your family.

* You make the rest of the list. ( It's endless )

Is Internet success only a dream? Not if you make it reality.


Raymond Johnston Jr is the publisher of Money For Hire Ezine. Find the latest marketing trends, newest traffic programs and get free marketing courses. Subscribe by sending an email to Get "The Road To Advertising Success" free by sending an email to:

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