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:: Start An Affiliate Program ::

   Do you have a product that you would like to sell? Are you finding it hard to sell it successfully? Why not start your own affiliate program? That's right, you can pay other people to sell your product for you! There are literally hundreds of thousands of people waiting to sell your product for you!

Now, why would you want others selling your product? The biggest benefit is that you no longer have to pay for advertising to find customers to buy from you! Your affiliates will do that. You see, you only pay your affiliates when their advertising is effective enough to bring you a customer who purchases your product. That way, there is no risk to you!

5 Steps to Start Your Affiliate Program

1. Plan Your Affiliate Strategy.

2. Implement The Technical Backend For Running Your Program.

  • Use Affiliate Management Software if you want to run your affiliate program by yourself. Here's a list of Affiliate Management Sites you can use:

           Affiliate Wiz
           My Affiliate Program Software
           Aff Manager 2.5

  • Or, you can use an Affiliate Network that will essentially help run and organize your affiliate program for you. Here's a list of Affiliate Network Sites you can use:

           Commission Junction
           Link Share
           Lead Hound

3. Recruit Affiliates for your program.

  • An essential ingredient for any successful affiliate program is a good number of active affilaites.

  • As an affiliate manager you can only realistically expect about 10% of your affiliates doing 90% of the work. Thus, for your program to work really well, you must recruit large numbers of affiliates. Some affiliate managers even pay more to their most active affiliates to encourage those who may not be as active.

  • To be successful at attracting affiliates your program must be attractive. How do you do this? Try providing marketing tools, 24 hour support and high commissions to name a few.

  • To keep affiliates working your program and selling your good or services you must pay them regularly and on time! Failing to do so will doom your affiliate program and could land you in legal trouble!

  • Here are some tips on how to recruit:

    List your program on all of the major affiliate directories. To see a list of all the affiliate directories out there, please visit here: Affiliate Directory

    Advertise your affiliate program right on your website by way of banners or text links. Although this method will not produce immediate results, it will slowly help grow your affiliate program and thus future sales.

    You can actively approach sites that you think will make good affiliates and ask them personally to join your program. This may be very hard work, but can potentially prove to be a very profitable relationship.

4. Operate Your Affiliate Program.

  • Pay your bills to your Affiliate Network if you are using one.

  • Help affiliates with marketing by continuing to give them resources.

  • Answer all affiliate emails friendly and promptly. If you have thousands of affiliates working your program you may want to think about hiring some people to help you with the workload.

5. Review Your Affiliate Program Continuously.

  • You may need to "enhance" your program every so often. For example, if a competitor has raised their commission payouts you may have to do the same to keep your program attractive as well.

  • As time goes on new internet marketing tools will become available. It will be your responsibility to offer the best and most useful tools to your affiliates so that they can do an adequate job of promoting your program.
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