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Procard International Work At Home Opportunity!

ProCard International is looking for real people to work from the comfort of their homes in our exciting employment opportunity. That's right, employment. This is not a job listings service, employment locator or home business opportunity, but REAL HOME EMPLOYMENT! Some associates make $35,000-$55,000 a year and more, part-time. This company has been in business over ten years, with clean track records in all major consumer protection organizations including the BBB! Below you will find the various positions we have available, please note that you can join one position and then try another one later at anytime.

Available Positions & Description:

Referral Rewards Associate: Help our company grow by recruiting associates looking for work at home and members looking to save up to 50% on dental, vision, prescriptions and physician expenses. We will provide you with your own website and you'll be responsible for sending people to this site, e-mailing interested candidates, answer questions, and assist them in signing up to become ProCard Associates or members. This is our most profitable position and easiest position. The best part of this position is it's totally online and internet based! No phone calls! But you will be provided with full training so you won't be alone. Best of all we will provide you with free leads every month so you can contact people that are already interested in becoming an associate or a member. Please note that our company is only an email away if you have questions or can't answer the questions that may be posed to you by interested associates or members.  Read about the benefits of this position below:

Marketing Associate: Long Distance & Interested Leads Provided! You'll call back interested people from around the U.S. who inquired about our membership cards. You'll assist them in signing up and complete their paperwork. If you like being on the phone then this option is for you. As previously stated your long distance cost will be covered by the company. You will be provided training and a script to read to answer questions of interested associates and members. Free leads will also be provided. Please note that our company is only an email away if you have questions or can't answer the questions that may be posed to you by interested associates or members. Read about the benefits of this position below: Associate: A subsidy of ProCard, you can work in your neighborhood working with local businesses in growing their business. Read about the benefits of this position below:

Job Benefits:

Flexibility: Anytime, Anyplace, Work where you want, when you want. There are no restrictions or requirements. You can work 100% over the Internet, Telephone or you could do both! The choice is yours!

No Fees: You are not required to pay a penny to ProCard. The only requirement to become an associate is one active account. It could be anyone, from anywhere. Full information is provided to make getting started easy as one-two-three! 

Leads: Since your job is to sign up members who are looking to save up to 50% on dental, vision, prescriptions and physician expenses and recruit associates looking to work at home. ProCard provides guaranteed leads EVERY month to make your job simple, so you can start right away!

Solid Product & Service: ProCard offers a product which families need and want with savings of up to 50% at over one million professional providers including Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacies, Vision Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, and thousands of local businesses. Since everyone needs and uses these services, it's not hard to introduce them to the savings.

50% Savings for Yourself & Family: Our company provides you with a free procard membership so you and your family can also save up to 50% on dental, vision, prescriptions and physician expenses! And yes this can be used with your current benefits. In most cases you'll find that the procard membership will provide you with additional savings.

Tools: Depending on the type of  position you select below, our company provides you with all that you will need including your own website, scripts, guidelines, training and documents which are all available to you 24 hours a day in the associates zone.

High Income: Every associate who's been with us for three years makes $35-55,000 per year! You will earn a hefty initial bonus on all your sign ups plus residual income from your sign ups every month!

Monthly Pay: You will get a check every month!

Support: Our associate and customer support is available 24/7/365 by e-mail to help you succeed!

What Are Others Saying?

Laurie P. wrote:
I am a mom with 3 kids, and I needed to get an extra job because my husband’s company was downsizing. I liked Procard International because it was easy to get started and looked like something I could do.  I am now making about $2,500 a month and can do the job completely on my own time in about 25 hours a week. My son is going to college this fall and he just started with Procard International, also.  He needed money fast. My family is very much indebted to Procard International for giving us this chance, and I mean it.  My husband has a new job, but I am going to keep doing this and plan to quit my daytime job soon.


Rose C. wrote:
When I first decided to find work at home my expectations were very high. It didn't take very long to find all the great opportunities promising "$5000.00 a week" and "email processors wanted" were simply scams. 
When I first came across the add from Procard International I almost passed it up, but I'm very glad I didn't. It's been a very rewarding experience not only in helping others to find legitimate employment, but working with the Procard International staff. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.
Click Here to see one of her checks!

Side Note: I actually know Rose Clark personally as a long term advertiser on my site and was always amazed to see she would continue to come back to my site pushing procard. I soon learned why when I joined.


Jennifer T. wrote:
I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children, Chase 3, Bryce 1 1/2, and my new baby girl Abigail just born March 4th, 02. I searched for a work at home job for quite some time. Everything out there was a scam after scam! I was about to lose hope, then I came across a Procard International ad. I visited the website and thought to myself, "hey this sounds like something I could do" I have been working for Procard International for about a year and half now and couldn't be happier with my job! I am bringing in a paycheck each month and feel great about being able to help out with the monthly bills plus having some play money :) I only get to work part time, having 3 kids is a job all in itself! But that is the great thing about this job. You get to make your own hours around YOUR schedule, no quotas to meet. I would highly recommend procard to anyone who wants to work at home or just needs to supplement their current income. I am currently doing the Marketing Associate and referral rewards programs. These are working out best for me. I love the referral rewards program because it can be done 100% over the internet and I get to promote a work at home job I truely beleive in. 

How To Sign up and start Working At Home?

To sign up or for more information please do ALL of the following:

Step 1: When you arrive at ProCard's homepage, click on the Career Opportunities" section.

Step 2: Read the page, and scroll to the bottom and click on the "Click here to Get Started - Easy Steps" link.

Step 3: Read the next page, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Yes I'm Interested" link.

Step 4: Fill out the form  (VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to use Access Code DAVIDW3403 when asked), and hit submit.

Step 5: You will then be brought to a congrats page where you must read and scroll to the middle of the page and click on the "Ready to get started? Please Click Here." link.

Step 6: Click on the "Initial Bona-fide Enrollment” link and fill out the information completely. Please note that your information is on a secured server which encrypts your information so people can't steal your personal information and you can tell this because there is a little yellow pad lock at the lower right hand corner of the screen and the address at the top of the screen & begins with "https". The technology on a secured page is the same that they use at your bank which allows you to do online transactions so there is no need to be fearful of entering your information. So enter the information & that's it! You will then be emailed by ProCard on how to start!!

Click Here To Learn More or To Sign Up!
Remember ALL of The Above Steps Must Be Completed For You To Sign Up & Begin Working At Home! If You Fail To Do So, You Will Not Qualify To Work With Us!

If after visiting the procard career section you still have questions please feel free to email us at Work At Home Ideas Procard!

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