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Volume 1, Issue 7                     Dave Wray
Date: July 2, 2003          

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1. Editorial: Web Site Trials.
2. Article: Top 10 Tips On Starting a Successful Home Business
                  -Angela Wu
3. Marketing Tip of the Week: Send a Postcard.
4. Free Resources: Free Business Forms.
5. Q&A: Have any questions?
6. Marketer's Site of the Week: Thomas A.
7. Feedback
8. Contact Work At Home Ideas

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But why is it so hard to make a living as an affiliate you ask? Itís not due to lack of effort on the affiliates part, but due to lack of direction! Most of us need a "roadmap" so to speak to lead us in the right direction, without that we are lost and donít know what to do.

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Web Site Trials

First of all, let me say a very Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian subscribers on July 1st and a very Happy Independence Day this coming July 4th to all of my American subscribers! And welcome to everyone from all over the world.

It has been quite the interesting week for me, let me say! The sun is shining brightly outside and summer has now set in. Over the past few days my web site has really taken off with the Search Engines! I am now positioned number one at Google, Yahoo and AOL for some of my most competitive keyword searches.

Iím new in this business, but have passion. I started building my web site only five months ago, and got included in the various Search Engines just three months ago! It has been a lot of hard work, but it has been worth every minute of sweat and I LOVE it!

Now Iím sitting atop the Search Engine results for various targeted terms. Why is this so important? Free traffic is the answer! Not only is the traffic to my site free from the Search Engines, but itís targeted too, thus making it easier for me to make sales.

Now why am I telling you all of this? Itís certainly not to brag, thatís for sure! Iím telling you this to give you hope and to let you know just HOW important it is to build a web site for your business or products if you want to be successful online.

I wish someone had told me this years ago. It would have saved me tons of grief and lost money along the way! Iíve spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to make my business work online, but without success!

Why are web sites are so important? They make you legitimate, they send you free targeted traffic, and they separate you from the thousands of other affiliates out there using the same old gateway site their opportunity offers them to use!

Building a web site is not a daunting task. I used Ken Evoyís program, Site Build It, and it saved me a ton of work. The best part is that he shows you step by step just what you should do to build a successful web site!

Do you want to be successful in your online endeavours? Build a site! To visit Kenís site and learn more about building a successful web site click here: Build Your Site

-Dave Wray

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Top 10 Tips on Starting a Successful Home Business
Written by Angela Wu

Home based businesses are rapidly gaining in popularity. Not only do they offer you the opportunity for freedom and the flexibility to set your own work terms, but you also have control over your financial independence. What do successful home businesses have in common? Here are a few tips...

1. Research Your Market.

Don't try to force a new product or service on an unwilling market. Research your intended market first, then create a product or service to fit that market.

Put another way, you can't force people to want what you have to offer... but you can offer them what they want.

Your research should also include an in-depth look at your competition. Is there too much competition for the area that you plan to service? Can you offer something that your competition cannot, while still making a profit? By analyzing your competitors, you'll be able to learn from both their successes and failures.

2. Don't Try to Be Everything to Everyone.

You will never make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. So don't; instead, focus your efforts on one particular segment of the population.

For example... let's say you run some sort of business related to gardening. Gardeners range in skill from the rank amateur, who can barely manage to keep even the most robust houseplant alive; to the serious professional who is able to nurture and coax exotic and fragile flowers to bloom.

Instead of attempting to offer every type of plant or information to all types of gardeners, you could instead narrow your focus to one specific group: for example, amateurs who are interested in colorful, low-maintenance and easy-to-grow plants.

Focusing on a niche market allows you to more easily build a unique and solid reputation for your business.

3. Keep Your Spending Under Control.

Keep overhead costs low, and don't spend frivolously. There will always be necessary expenses - for example, if you're running a business online, you'll need a good computer and a reliable Internet connection. But would you also need new, top-of-the-line home office furniture?

On the other hand, don't balk at spending money when you need to. Figure out which expenses are true necessities, and which are luxuries. As cash flow improves you can look into purchasing other items you may need.

4. Keep Growing.

A business can't be successful unless people know about it. That's where marketing comes in. All businesses require hard work - and even after you've established your business, you will need to continue to work hard in order to make it grow. At times, the hard work may be necessary just to sustain your current level of profitability.

5. Have a Contingency Plan.

Businesses go through rough times. Sometimes it will appear to happen "all of a sudden", but there are always warning signs. Learn to recognize the signs of trouble. By pinpointing potential problems before they occur, you can try to prevent them from occuring at all.

Develop a well-thought-out contingency plan to keep your business running with a minimum of lost time, effort, or profits.

6. Learn From Your Mistakes, and Build On Your Successes.

Just as you will experience success in some of the things you do, you will also make some mistakes. In both cases you'll have an opportunity to improve your business. Ask yourself what you did right (or wrong), why it worked (or didn't work), and what you could do differently.

Ask yourself questions. What kind of startup capital do you need? What are your estimated monthly expenses? Is your business making the profits you expected? If so, what are you doing right and how can you improve upon it? If not, what can you do differently? What are your competitors doing and how can you convince customers to switch (or stay) with you?

These types of questions will help you to make smart, educated business decisions -- decisions that will help your business to grow and flourish.

7. Be Customer-Focused.

It's much easier to sell to a happy customer, than to try convince a new prospect to buy from you. Be professional, courteous, and always deliver a quality product or service. Your customers will be thrilled and much more inclined to come back.

8. Target Your Marketing.

This goes back to the research you did before you started your business. Know who to target in your marketing efforts. You want to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer -- not just curious 'passers-by'.

You can see great examples of targeted marketing by looking in your mailbox. If you've ever ordered from a mail-order gardening club, you've probably received additional catalogs from them *and* from other gardening clubs who purchase the customer lists. They know that you have an interest in their products, so the chances of you ordering something are much higher than if they were to send a mailing out to a random bunch of addresses.

9. Take Your Business Seriously.

There are lots of images floating around that show relaxed 'home business owners' reading a book, playing with their kids, lounging in a comfortable chair, etc. There's a tendency to think of a 'home business' as 'not real work', or not as serious as a 'real' (corporate) job.

To start and build a successful business, it needs to be treated like a business - not a hobby. Take it seriously and work hard to achieve your goals.

10. Do Something You Love!

This is what it all boils down to. Find something that you're passionate about, and will enjoy doing. Business doesn't have to a daily grind; it can be a true pleasure!

Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, an exclusive newsletter for eBusiness beginners. OBB features ongoing tutorials on how to build a profitable Internet business on a shoestring budget. You don't need a million-dollar budget to be successful! Find out how you too can join the thousands quietly earning a living online: Online Business Basics.

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Send A Postcard

Businesses these days are becoming more and more less personal. Why do I think that this is a problem? Humans love to interact with one another. They like to know that they are cared for and listened to.

This isnít any different in business. And especially a business that exists online! You see, being in business online, you can afford to be anonymous, or invisible. You never have to come into contact with your customers or team of affiliates.

While this may seem like a great time saver in that you donít have to build relationships, it is just as important online as offline to let your customers or team members know that you are alive and real.

You would be amazed what a simple email with a "Hi" can do for you. You suddenly become a real person to your customer and are no longer an anonymous "robot" on the other end.

I prefer sending postcards to email. Why? Because everyone likes getting mail, especially if it isnít a bill, and your customer or team member is more likely to read a postcard than an email!

So, try it! Youíll be surprised what being more personable can do for you with your business!

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Mining Gold

Let Sean Casey show you how to make $1000 in 10 to 15 days on the internet with his incredible "Mining Gold on The Internet" ebook! Not only does he guarantee that you will make this money, but heís willing to give you a full refund, plus keep the extra bonuses if it doesnít!

So, what do you have to lose? Start making money on the internet today! Visit: Mining Gold On The Internet

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Free Business Forms

It is absolutely essential for every business person to have a plan in place and be organized! This is crucial to your success or failure. At they offer several free business forms that you can print out for free. I would highly recommend doing this!

Visit: Entrepreneur.Com

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Thomas A.

If ever there was a guy who wanted to make a difference for the work at home entrepreneur, it would have to be Thomas. Having been a work at home entrepreneur for many years now he has become a successful businessman and would never go back to working for a "boss".

His site,, is a wonderful resource for the average work at home person. He has spent many hours making sure that he offers top quality information. You can find articles, a home business forum and a lot of free work at home resources on his site!

Thomasís site is excellent and I recommend that everyone visit it just to check it out!

Would you like everyone to know who you are and what you do? Every issue of work at home ideas newsletter we randomly draw the name of one of our subscribers and post their information right here in our newsletter! To apply to have your information and site posted here, please send us an email to: with your Name, Location, a few details about yourself and your URL as well.

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