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Volume 1, Issue 5                     Dave Wray
Date: June 4, 2003         

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1. Editorial: Baseball Season.
2. Article: A Business Opportunity Waiting To Happen
                  -Michael Gifford
3. Marketing Tip of the Week: Sell Through Words.
4. Free Resources: Matt's Script Archive.
5. Q&A: Have any questions?
6. Marketer's Site of the Week: Mohamed Rabea
7. Feedback
8. Contact Work At Home Ideas

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Baseball Season

Well, things are finally looking good weather-wise up here in the chilly north. The May snow showers are over and the grass is nice and green! Iím not even sure if I should mention the word "summer" for fear of jinxing myself!

With Spring comes many activities. Planting the garden, mowing the lawn, and yes, playing outdoor sports! I find itís absolutely necessary to "get out" and enjoy the weather and get exercise, especially if you work at home and find your- self sitting in front of a computer for hours on end!

This Spring my wife and I decided it would be nice to join a Slow pitch baseball team. Iím not sure if this was a good idea or not because I hadnít played in organized baseball for over 15 years! But, we bit the bullet and signed up.

Well, let me tell you, itís been a very pleasurable experience. Our team mates are great and hitting that baseball around is actually quite fun! And when I mess up itís no big deal, we just play on.

Baseball I find is kind of like trying to build a home business. In the beginning you sometimes strike out and itís tough to get back up to bat. But with time and learning you begin to hit that ball. At first you just get to first base, but youíre excited because you are making progress. In time you learn to wait for that ball at the perfect time and hit home runs.

Baseball takes patience and practice, and so does building a home business. With some persistence and hard work you WILL hit a grand slam some day!

-Dave Wray

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A Business Opportunity Waiting To Happen
Written by Michael Gifford

The Business Opportunity Maze
Have you been thinking about starting your own home-based business? If you're like most people with the same desire, not only are you having difficulty determining WHERE to start, you're also confused about WHAT to start. You have read so many business opportunity classifieds, received so many offers in the mail, watched so many late night money-making infomercials, and listened to so many sales presentations that your head is swimming.

Now Itís My Turn
I'm going to introduce you to what could be your greatest business opportunity ever. I assure you that you have never seen anything else exactly like this anywhere at any price. You and you alone would control its success. Best of all, it's something you already have which means it wouldn't cost you a penny to get it started. Permit me to introduce you to YOU!!!

That's right - YOU! You, the one-of-a-kind individual. You, the architect of your own dreams and the captain of your own success. You, the one true motivating force behind your actions. YOU! You have your own unique personality, skills and knowledge and because of this, you may very well be a business opportunity waiting to happen.

Oh, The Things You Can Do!
I know that there are 40 bazillion opportunities out there and several of them are probably very good, but in your search for that perfect home-based business, why limit yourself to what others have to offer? Why not take a look at what YOU YOURSELF have to offer and create your own business? It's not like it's never been done by anyone before. After all, every business that has ever existed had to have been started by someone!

We stand in awe of people such as Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and others like them because of what they started and built their businesses into, yet all they did was take two things you yourself have and combine them with a couple of other items that you need to get if you don't already possess them. They took their KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS and combined them with a BURNING DESIRE and BELIEF IN THEMSELVES. They did not wait around for someone else to give them an opportunity. Instead, each of them was a business opportunity waiting to happen, and, oh, did they ever happen.

"Am I?"
Are you a business opportunity waiting to happen? A little self-examination might help you decide.

Start with a serious assessment of your knowledge and skills. What are your strengths? What do you do really well? Can you turn this into a home-based business? Do you know anyone else who has? How are they doing at it? Could you improve upon what they do? Write all of this down.

Now concentrate on what you most enjoy doing in life. If you could do just one thing for a living and make all the money you'd ever need doing it, what would that be? CAN you make a living doing it? Are there others doing it? If you can't make a living doing it, is there something you can do that is related to it? For example, if your favourite activity in life is golf but you know that you could never make the pro tour, what business could you start that would allow you to make a comfortable living while you spend your days thinking about and doing something involving golf? Again, make sure that you put pen to paper as you do this important exercise.

Is this all you need to know? No. These questions form only a starting point from which you can and must proceed into more intense research. But these questions can certainly serve to get your creative juices flowing and help you decide what type of home-based business is right for you. Besides, it's a lot of fun to just sit down and dream of the many possibilities of a life spent doing what you enjoy most.

So, Are You?
Are you indeed a business opportunity waiting to happen? Do you have something locked up inside you which if released and developed into a business would have people knocking down your door to purchase what you're offering? Could your success in the business you create be a future cover story for "Entrepreneur" magazine? Perhaps there has never been a better time than now for you to find out.

"If you begin an important endeavor, there is a chance of failure. If you do not begin, your failure is certain."

Michael Gifford and his wife, Shannon have more than 30 years combined experience in operating successful home businesses. They are the owners of NoBizLikeHomeBiz.Com, an unbiased and objective resource for home business. Visit his site: No Biz Like Home Biz or Email Him.

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Sell Through Words

Do you sell something? Is it a product or service? Do you know a lot about what you sell? If so, perhaps it is time for you to pick up your pen!

What?? Thatís right, pick up your pen, grab some paper and start writing! Write down everything you know about your products or services.

Inside your brain youíd be surprised how much you know about certain things! People are constantly searching the internet for information on EVERYTHING! If you can offer your advice or expertise by way of writing an article, these "searchers" will see you as an authoritative figure on the subject.

What do you do with these articles once youíve written them? There are several things you can do to get exposure:
1. Post them on your website.
2. Email them to ezine/newsletter publishers in your field.
3. Put them in your own ezine!
4. Submit them to directories so that others can read/use them.

If you write an article, include a bio, or resource box at the end which includes your name, a little about you, your website address and your email address. That way, if people wish to, they can contact you easily.

Donít underestimate the writing of articles. Ezine publishers are in constant search of good articles! Letís say 10 newsletters pick up your article and each has a subscriber base of 5,000 people. That means that 50,000 people will read your article. And many of them will visit your site or email you! All of this for free!

Visit my page on article promotion to learn where to submit articles:
Article Promotion

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Web Site Tricks

If you're a computer beginner or relative novice, here's a web site that will be of great help to you.

Web Site Tricks

Best wishes,

Dave Wray

P.S. If any of your friends are just getting started on the computer, forward this email to them.

P.P.S. You can also make 50% profits selling this and other products. Details at the web site.

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Matt's Script Archive

At Mattís Script Archive you can get free scripts for your website! Anything from bulletin boards, guest books, chat, clocks, counters etc. Mattís site is a must visit for any webmaster looking to add value to their website!

To visit Mattís site, go here: Matt's Script Archive

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Mohamed Rabea
Home Based Business Opportunites Guide

Mohamed lives in Egypt and has been a work at home entrepreneur for several years now. His site, Home Based Business Opportunities Guide, is a great place for those who are looking for a work at home job, or need expertise in running one!

He has an extensive directory of home business information online which can and will help everyone interested in working at home. His newsletter, BizPioneer News, is one of a kind and very informative.

I would recommend everyone go visit Mohamedís site. He is a great guy and a very smart and savvy work at home entrepreneur!

Would you like everyone to know who you are and what you do? Every issue of work at home ideas newsletter we randomly draw the name of one of our subscribers and post their information right here in our newsletter! To apply to have your information and site posted here, please send us an email to: with your Name, Location, a few details about yourself and your URL as well.

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