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:: Paid Advertising, Part 3 ::

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Volume 2, Issue 3                     Dave Wray
Date: February 4, 2004   

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1. Editorial: A Winter Experience
2. Article: Paid Advertising, Part 3
     by DaveWray
3. Marketing Tip of the Week: Give Gifts
4. Q&A: Get Help!
5. Classifieds
6. Marketer's Site of the Week: Yours Could Be Here!
7. Contest Results: Michele Chartier & Roseann Gerena
8. Feedback
9. Contact Work At Home Ideas

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A Winter Experience

What was I thinking when I moved to Edmonton, Alberta?? Sure, you all know that Canada is known for its cold weather, but this is ridiculous!

You see, I used to live in Vancouver, British Columbia along the West coast of Canada. I guess I was spoiled because the coldest it ever got during winter was near 0C (32F). Do you want to know how cold it got here last week?

-37C (-40F)!! Yes, that’s right, it is NOT a typo! It’s so cold up here in winter that we have to “plug in the car” to keep the engine block warm so it will start up when you need it!

Well, last week the cord that I use to plug in my car broke off. Let me tell you, my car was not happy when I started it up. The shocks were so stiff it felt like every bump was a major crater!

Ok, so maybe I’m complaining a little bit here. I just thought you’d like to know what we Canadians who live in the more Northern regions of Canada have to go through. And...maybe you could have a little chuckle at my expense!

One thing cold winters do ensure though is that a lot of good work gets done on your home business! There’s not many people who would be tempted to venture outside when it’s -37C! I hope you have a great week and enjoy our newsletter.

-Dave Wray

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Paid Advertising, Part 3

In the first two newsletters this year I changed my focus from free advertising methods to paid ones. Sure, it’s nice to be able to find free places to advertise and promote your services or products, but if you really want to break your business in, you’re going to have to spend a bit of money.

That is why I am going over several methods of paid advertising. It is important that you know what works and what doesn’t and how to go about successfully advertising your products.

We’ve already covered these paid advertising methods: Pay per click search engines and ezine or newsletter ads. Both are extremely effective forms of advertising if done correctly. This week I want to cover a more traditional form of paid advertising, classifieds.

Classified Advertising

Classified advertising is probably one of the most traditional forms of advertising yet. It’s been around for literally hundreds of years. Do you know why it’s been used for that long? Because it works if done properly!

However, there are some traps and snares that people seem to get caught up in with classified advertising that can cost you a lot of money with little or no results. There is some research required before you lay down your hard earned money for classified ads.

I am going to go over online classified advertising specifically because it’s a very powerful resource, but can also tend to be the most confusing. Below I am going to go over several points that you need to go over before you decide to advertise in classifieds.

1. Learn How To Write Effective Ads First

Why is this important? Well, even if you find the “perfect” place to advertise online, if you don’t write a good, effective ad you still won’t get anyone to visit your site, email you or call you.

You need to make your ad stand out. Make people WANT to click on it. Tell them what you offer and why they need it. Your ad should be about them and what they are going to get, or how they are going to benefit.

Don’t hype up your ad, or try to sell them on something. People do not like to be hyped up, and certainly do NOT like to be sold to. Perk their interest. Let them make the next move by clicking on your ad. Then, once they arrive at your site go into more detail and try to close the sale.

Explain the benefits of your product or service in your ad. Tell them what they’ll get and why they need it. Writing ads is an art form. No one is perfect at it right off the bat. Practice, practice and more practice at writing ads is necessary!

2. Look For A Good Place To Advertise

There are a lot of websites out there that offer classified advertising for you. But, not all websites are created equal! Some site owners put hours upon hours of time into their site making it the best that they possibly can. There are other site owners, however, that put a minimal amount of time into their site and you can definitely tell!

You want to advertise on a website that is not cluttered, but clean and easy to navigate. In other words, the website is user friendly. If the website is too cluttered, the visitor will be more wary and when they finally see your ad they may not trust it as much JUST because of the state that the website is in!

Ok, so you know to look for a nice, clean, professional looking website to advertise in. Now what?

Try and find a website that caters to your crowd! This is called targeting, and even though it is not necessarily critical, it will improve your results. So, what exactly do I mean by this? Well, if you sell homemade ceramics, then look for art and craft sites that offer classified advertising!

If you find websites that are focused on your products you’ll have a much higher success rate of making a sale. Why? Because people who visit those sites, to use the example above, have art and crafts on their mind. They are “warm” customers and are most likely already interested in what you have to offer.

To find sites that are about your product or service just go to your favourite search engine and type this is: crafts + classifieds (to use the example above), or crafts + advertising.

Alright, you’ve found a nice, professional site that is targeted to your product or service. Now what? Do you buy a classified spot right away? No. There are a couple more things you need to consider.

Is the classified section on that website orderly and neat? This is very important, because even if you find a professional site and it’s targeted to your product, if the classified section is unorganized and just a mess you will not make any sales!

Visitor will go to the classifieds section and just give up because there is no order at all and they won’t be able to find what they’re looking for! Look for organized and categorized classified directories. The more categories and sub-categories, the more likely your prospective customer will find you! (Be sure you choose the right category to advertise in).

3. Do Not Pay Too Much!

This is a big consideration. How much will it cost you to advertise at this “great” site that you’ve found? Unfortunately, this is the toughest question to answer. Why? Because we really won’t be absolutely, 100% sure how many people will actually see your ad in a given day, week or month.

The best thing to figure out is, “How many visits will it take from this site for me to make a sale”? If you do not know the answer to this question, it is necessary to find out! This is where math comes in. I know, I know, yuck! But, if you want to make a profit, this is a necessary step to take.

Let’s say it takes 50 visits to make a sale. And you make $25/sale. Now, let’s say you pay $25/month to have your classified ad up on a certain site. If this site sends you 50 visitors in one month and you make a sale, you break even. However, if this site only sends you 25 visitors per month, you will lose money because it will take you 2 months, or $50 worth of advertising to make a $25 sale! Not good.

You want to find sites that get a lot of good, targeted traffic, but are not too expensive to advertise in. It takes time to find these sites, but they are out there! This leads into my next section:

4. Track Your Classified Ads!

Yes, sometimes it does take a bit of experimentation to determine if it is worth your money to advertise on a certain website. That is why, when you first start out, it is necessary to start small and track your ads!!

If you are advertising at several websites at once, you will not know where your visitors are coming from, and therefore, will not know which site is the most effective advertising venue, unless you track your ads.

Now, this may sound complicated, but it really isn’t too bad. If you post your email address in your classified ads and nothing else, it’s quite simple to track your ads. Let’s say you advertise at these two places:

-Katherine’s Bird Paradise
-Bird Palace

At Katherine’s Bird Paradise you’d code your email like this: []

At the Bird Palace you could code your email like this: [] and so on...

That way, when you received an email enquiring about your product or services you’d know exactly where it came from. If “Katherine” was in the subject line of your received email you’d know the enquiry was from Katherine’s site. The same is true if you saw “Palace” in the subject line, that enquiry would be from the Bird Palace. See how easy this is?

Now, if you have a website, it still isn’t too difficult to figure out what advertising sites your visitors were coming from. All you would need is a good website statistics package like: Hitbox or Site Meter.

When you place your ad on the classified site, you would code your site like this: At the Bird Palace: [http://] At Katherine’s Bird Paradise: [].

Then, you would go into your website statistics package and click on “view entry pages”, or something similar. This tells you what page your visitors entered to get to your site. If you see your site with ?paradise, or ?palace at the end, you’d know exactly where that visitor came from! See, easy again.

I cannot stress how important it is to track your ads. Sure, there is trial and error, but if you want to be truly profitable, you NEED to know which classified sites are sending you traffic, how much traffic they’re sending you and whether it’s worth your money advertising with them!

Find classified sites to advertise on is easy. Finding good, clean advertising sites that aren’t too expensive where you’ll make a profit takes work. But remember, once you do this initial ground work at several, or even dozens of classified sites, you’ll be that much better off…AND making a profit. Which is what we all want/need right?

So, go ahead and take a try and classified advertising online. It’s extremely effective and satisfying if done right.

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Dave Wray is editor and owner of Twice monthly he writes a free newsletter packed with free work at home ideas, resources and tips. Come on by and say hello!
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Give Gifts

This is an especially good tip for those who offer a service, whether it be web design work, optimization work, advice givers, counsellors, business planners, you name it.

Your client gives you big money so that you can offer him/her the best of your services. You do a professional job and the best you can. Your client is impressed and is happy with how you’ve helped them.

Well, it doesn’t stop there. The client you just did a job for is still valuable, even after the job is done. There’s a great way to keep your client thinking about you.

Send them a nice gift! Better yet, send them a nice gift with your business information on it! Pens, day planners, calculators, hard drives and many others are great gifts that you can engrave your name and business information on.

You client will receive these, and if your gift if nice enough, they’ll use it all the time and place it in a prominent place. Guess what? They’ll also tell others about the neat gift you gave them and the great job you did for them.

There is nothing better, or more powerful than viral marketing, or word of mouth. So, go out there and get your clients some gifts as a thanks for hiring you and you’ll benefit as well!

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Google Cash

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Do you have any questions about our website or newsletter that you would like answered? Email us at: and we may post them in this newsletter for the benefit of all of our subscribers!

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Electrical Drafting Assistance II
You may ask, “What’s with the II”? Well, it sounds better than I! For more information, contact me at: Hopkins Email or call me at: 630-393-9400

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Each and every month I randomly draw the name and email address of two lucky subscribers who will receive a free 3 month classified ad on my site valued at $10 apiece. These classifieds are located at: Work At Home Ideas Classifieds

And January’s winners are:

1. Michele Chartier. From Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.

2. Roseann Gerena. From Dix Hills, New York, U.S.

If you are a winner this month please email me with your name, 200 word classified ad, email and/or URL to Congratulations to this month’s winners! Check in next month to see if you are a winner!

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