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Volume 1, Issue 15                     Dave Wray
Date: November 5, 2003  

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1. Editorial: Always Continue To Learn
2. Article: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...
                  -James Capobianco
3. Marketing Tip of the Week: Swap Ads
4. Free Resources: Article Databases
5. Q&A: Have any questions?
6. Marketer's Site of the Week: Bill Nobles
7. Feedback
8. Contact Work At Home Ideas

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Mining Gold On The Internet

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Always Continue To Learn

Itís been about a year and a half since I started my online business. In the beginning I knew nothing about how to work online or market my products. It was a long, hard road to teach myself how things worked. But, I persisted because I wanted a better future for myself and my family.

Along the way I learned so many new things. I learned how to build websites, how and where to advertise, and most important how to be an ethical businessman online.

Right now, I have to say things are going quite well. My site is growing each month and so is my online business. Over the past month I took it easy in terms of learning new techniques of making my business better. This was a mistake!

In business, especially online, things change at an alarming rate! Never think that you know it all just because things are going well for you. The reason I bring this up is because just the other day I ordered a new e-book from Shawn Casey called "Mining Gold on the Internet". It looked interesting and so I bought it. (Mining Gold On The Internet)

Well, let me tell you. I was shocked at all of the useful information he indulged! I thought to myself, "Even if I only implement a few of these things I could expand my business 100 fold!". These were ideas I had never even thought of before, but because I bought his e-book and learned some more I will be much better off because of it.

So, whatever you do in business, never stop learning new things! Youíll be left in the dust if you just sit back and enjoy success. Your competitors are always in the rear view mirror waiting to take over!

-Dave Wray

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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...
Written by James Capobianco

You've heard that clichť over and over I'm sure, but it has never been more true than it is on the Internet.

With this in mind, I randomly pulled the following ads out of ezines and newsletters. These are real ads and quoted exactly how they were written. I couldn't make this stuff up!

If you examine the copy, for the most part they don't even make sense. So I thought I would poke a little fun at them and expose them for what they are a joke, and if taken seriously, a cruel joke at that!

The sad part is that many people buy into the hype in the hopes of changing their lives, only to find out that the only one benefited is the "hyper". If you have been victimize by some of these "Too Good to be True" ads, you are not alone, I have too!

That's right, ME! I could say it was all in the name of research, but in truth, in my heart of hearts, I hoped that this was "the deal" that would turn my life around. Although I didn't get the benefits promised in the ads, I did learn the valuable lesson of the famous clichť.

So here we go. My intentions are NOT to return the compliment by insulting any of the copywriters of the ads, but merely (with a little tongue in cheek) to read between the lines and have a some fun.

Hype Ad #1:

"Work from Home in PJs Using PC and add thousands per month to your income with absolutely NO Risks, GUARANTEED!"

Why would I even want to work in my PJs? I know it's used metaphorically and is just an attention getter. The image it portrays, however, is less than professional and whether you work at home or at a corporate office for a Fortune 500 company, it's a business and should be run like one. Be comfortable, yes; but PJs?

How about "add thousands per month to your income"? If that statement, itself, is not a stretch, how about adding "absolutely NO Risks" and then guaranteeing it. First of all, unless someone is going to hand you the money, how can they guarantee it to you? Secondly, in order to make that kind of money, in that time frame, you better believe your going to take some risks!

Hype Ad #2:

"Own A Computer? Put it to Work! Earn an extra $1500-$5000/mo p/t;"

This ad gives a whole new meaning to "artificial intelligence". Not only can you have a computer working for you part time; but it will earn an unrealistic $1500-$5000 per month. Most people working full time, with or without the aid of a computer, don't make that kind of money.

Hype Ad #3:

"15,000 in 30 days!! HUGE amounts of CASH for everyone!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Call..."

$15,000 a month? That's $180,000 per year. That is a HUGE amount of cash. Not only a lot of money, but EVERYONE gets it? Well, I called, and I think the guy who answered the phone said: "Hello, US Mint. Where should we send money?"

Hype Ad #4:

"QUIT YOUR JOB & be your own boss! Could you use an extra $21,000/month? Sound impossible? It's not!"

This sounds good. I want to quit my job and be my own boss. But...and it 's a BIG but. How do I support my family until I'm making "$21,000 a month"? This guy answered that question for us. "Sound impossible?" You bet it is!

Hype Ad #5:

"$100,000+ yearly income possible: Internet marketing guru will teach you the REAL way to wealth at home"

"Possible", but not probable. Not without a lot of hard work and persistence. Why would this kind and generous person offer to teach me how to do this? If he was making $100,000 a year, he doesn't need to share the REAL way. Is there a FAKE way to wealth?

Hype Ad #6:

"Escape The Rat Race - Make $300 Per Day Simply + Instantly. No Selling Required"

This starts off OK. There is nothing quite like being your own boss and calling the shots. Then this guy has to add "Simply+Instantly. No Selling Required". Here we go again. Where is this person who is giving all this money away just for the asking?

Hype Ad #7:

"Subject: Make an EASY $100,000 per year!!! Are you looking to make an extra $1000-$5000 per week, with little time required on your part? If so we may have what you are looking for. We are a national company, and a leader in our industry. We are seeking several people in each area to represent our company with absolutely no selling."

This one is a real winner! This guy is so excited about the offer, he gets "tongue tied" MMaking the pitch. Another incredible weekly income, no time required and no selling. There's that person who gives money away again. Why can't I find him? One more thing. Why would a national company, with all its resources, be advertising on the WWW for people in my area to represent them? Wouldn't you think they would be able to more effectively recruit in a specific area?

Hype Ad #8:

"Establish A Second Income An Income With No Work, Its True, Free to Join"

I saved the best for last. This is my kind of business. An income with "no work"? Come on! Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck? This guy is however, giving us some credit, in case we aren't buying it, he adds "It's True". Like this will make me believe it. "Well OK, if he says it's true, it must be."

Well folks, these are just eight of the many ridiculous and unbelievable ads that claim "fame and fortune" on the Internet is yours for "No Work, No Selling and No Risk" not to mention all the "Hugh Amounts of FREE Cash" your going to get "Instantly".

Why do these marketers insult our intelligence with ads like these? I, for one, believe that people are more intelligent than these guys give them credit for. I believe that with a little common sense, people will stop and think before they spend their hard earned money to buy into the "hype". Remember, the only person that's going to get rich, is the person selling the hype!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
James Capobianco has been self-employed for over 25 years, both on and offline. At his web site,, he shares his experience and expertise when it comes to owning your own business. Come pay a visit at: Cap-Tech
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Swap Ads

If youíve been running an online business for some time now, or even if you are completely new to marketing online you know that it takes some money to be successful and make money!

Iíve mentioned in previous newsletters that a great way to build trust with your website visitors is to publish a newsletter. It tells people that you are serious and knowledgeable and they are more likely to purchase from you.

If you do write a newsletter and are looking for ways to cut costs, ad swaps are the way to go! But how do they work?

What you need to do is search for other newsletter publishers who write similar ezines to your own. As well, try to find other ezines that have similar subscription numbers as yours. Then, write the newsletter editor an email suggesting you swap ads.

Do you see? By swapping ads you are paying nothing to promote your website, products or business in the other personís newsletter. This is also a great way of building up your subscription numbers. Give it a try, youíll be amazed at how well it works!

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Insider Secrets Course

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet -- Learn from the best. The author of this site, Corey Rudl gets over 6 million visitors to his web sites yearly, does 6.6 million dollars in sales online each year (yes, that is $6,600,000), and personally makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from his online businesses... all from his one small office.

So listen to what he has to say as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to starting and promoting a business on the Internet. He reveals all his unconventional tips, trick and techniques with examples so you can learn the most efficient and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. Click here to learn more: Insider Secrets Course

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Article Databases

If you write a newsletter you know how tough it is to come up with good, quality articles to publish! Unless you are gifted in writing youíll need to find a way to come up with some articles!

Well, donít worry. There are several sites on the internet that provide hundreds if not thousands of free articles for you to reprint in your newsletter or ezine! The only stipulation is that you need to keep the writerís resource box at the end of the article.

On the other hand, if you write articles these sites Iíll be listing below are great places for your to submit your article to! Youíve written great articles, so why not let other newsletter owners publish them? Itís free advertising after all!

Here are some sites you can take or submit articles to:

Ezine Articles
Family Content
Free Ezine Site

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Bill Nobles
Noble's Marketing

Bill Nobles is a work at home entrepreneur from Allston, Massachusetts. Heís built a wonderful site called, "Nobleís Marketing" that goes over various work at home opportunities as well as financial information.

Bill is a great guy who helps each and every person who visits his site. I recommend that you visit Billís site, you will not be disappointed!

Would you like everyone to know who you are and what you do? Every issue of work at home ideas newsletter we randomly draw the name of one of our subscribers and post their information right here in our newsletter! To apply to have your information and site posted here, please send us an email to: with your Name, Location, a few details about yourself and your URL as well.

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