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Volume 1, Issue 12                     Dave Wray
Date: September 17, 2003

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1. Editorial: Summer Is Almost Over
2. Article: 8 Essentials For A Successful Home Business
                  -Dave Wray
3. Marketing Tip of the Week: Have A Refund Policy
4. Free Resources: Bruce Clay's SEO Tutorials
5. Q&A: Have any questions?
6. Marketer's Site of the Week: Yours Could Be Here!
7. Feedback
8. Contact Work At Home Ideas

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Summer Is Almost Over

Just when summer started here in Edmonton, Alberta it seems as though someone rudely snatched it away! In fact, I think we somehow missed Fall all together. Just yesterday I woke up to freezing temperatures and small flakes of snow were falling outside. Trust me, I rubbed my eyes several times just to make sure I wasnít still sleeping!

With the end of summer and the arrival of Fall and Winter I am going to refocus my efforts on my home business. Not that I wasnít focused during the summer months, but I want to sit down and reformulate my plans. This is a good time to do that I think because with the arrival of colder weather we are far less tempted to leave our places and enjoy the hot weather and fun summer activities.

Rethinking how you are going to run your home business is a very important process, and one that should be done at least once a year. It allows us to reflect on how well we did, or didnít do. It also lets us see where we can improve, or even how we can implement new and exciting plans!

So much has happened in my business over the past year. In fact, it was only 18 months ago that I started working on my home business. I have learned so much in that time and hope to share some of what I learned with you, so that your journey with working at home can be a smooth and successful one!

-Dave Wray

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8 Essentials For A Successful Home Business
Written by Dave Wray

When a person finally decides to start a home business and quit their day job it can be quite an exciting prospect. But at the same time it can be a very difficult transition. Questions like, "How am I going to pull this off", and "Will I be successful and make any money?" go through everyoneís mind when they first start out. Itís a big step you are willing to take to ensure a better future and more freedom of choice for yourself!

And let me tell you, it is a step well worth taking! However, when entering the work at home "force" it is necessary to do some planning and reading. Contrary to what some may tell you, you canít just "jump" into a work at home business and be successful at it. Having worked at home for well over a year I have come up with 10 essential activities/steps that you need to do in order to be a successful work at home entrepreneur.

1. Make a Business Plan and Set Goals

When you first start out working for yourself it is extremely important to formulate a business plan and set good, realistic goals. So many people just jump into a home business without really thinking, "How and what exactly do I want to do at home?". Take out a notepad and write out exactly what you would like to accomplish and where youíd like to be in a year. Not only will this keep you focused, but if you post it on your office wall and look at it all the time it will also motivate you to keep on track!

2. Contact a Good Accountant

Contact your accountant and discuss with them about starting your own business at home. There are so many different laws and rules about working at home depending on where you reside. Youíll feel a whole lot better knowing that what you are doing is legal and also know what forms and papers need to be filled out and filed before you start working at home.

3. A Comfortable, Useful and Fully Furnished Work Space

Do you want to work effectively at home? Of course you do! Then youíll need a space that you can call your office. Get a good desk, computer, pens and paper. And itís very important as well for you to buy a good, comfortable chair for working in. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while working on your home business!

4. Get Extraís

What exactly does this mean? Well, most of us have phones and bank accounts, right? With working at home it is very important to separate "normal" life from working life, especially if you work at home! That is why it is important to have a business phone and bank account. A business bank account will help you separate personal and business expenses at tax time, and an extra phone line just for your business wonít have you constantly guessing whether itís a personal or business call when your phone rings!

5. A Good Day Schedule

Itís so easy to get distracted at home! What with the beautiful outdoors, your t.v. and games on your computer, it is extremely important to have a day scheduler. You can write down a simple schedule of what you want to accomplish that day. By writing your daily schedule out, you are less likely to wander to that t.v. set to watch that exciting real t.v. show or whatever else that tempts you to wander from your business!

6. A Big Notepad

If youíve got a day schedule why on earth would you need a big notepad? When working at home you will no doubt have days when the good ideas are flowing and believe it or not, many times there is no paper around to write them down on! Donít trust your memory. There have been many a time when I first started out that I had a good idea and thought, "Ah, Iíll just write it down later". Inevitably I would always forget it and kick myself later! That is why it is important to have a notepad handy to write down any good ideas you have, so you at least have a record of them!

7. Keep A List of Contacts

A list of good contacts is like gold. Why? Because as you go through the years working on your home business there will be times where you need help or are stumped and canít figure something out. If you keep a list of good contacts, when problems arise you will have a list of people you can call or email who will help you out. Trust me, it will save you so many headaches! How do you come up with a list of good contacts? Over the months you will run across people in your daily business who are experts at what they do and who will be willing to help you out.

8. Take Care of Your Body

To perform well at your home business you will most definitely need to take care of your body! Trying to run your home business when you are low on energy or unhealthy will be a big struggle. That is why it is important to do these three things regularly: Eat Well, Exercise Regularly and get enough sleep! Itís so easy to forget about your body, but if you keep it in good shape, then more than likely your business will be in good shape as well!

-Dave Wray

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Have A Refund Policy

If you sell products or services it is almost crucial to have some kind of refund policy. You may be thinking that by having a refund policy that you will be inviting people to take advantage of you by purchasing your products, using them and then returning them. While this may be true in a small number of cases, it is actually very good to have a refund policy.

Why? When people see that you have a refund policy it seriously puts their mind to ease. Itís like insurance for the buyer. They now know that you wonít sell them something junky and then just run away. The consumer has an "out" if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

With satisfied customers it is likely they will come back and buy from you again! You donít want a customer to have a bad experience and then start spreading bad things about you and your business. Although it does sting when we lose a sale to a refund, it is good business sense to have happy customers rather than angry ones!

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