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Most Effective And Most Inexpensive Ad
2002 Bilal Babic

  Probably you presume that I will write about eZine ads. No I wont.

Even though they are effective and inexpensive, they will come only after you successfuly accomplish the most important ad in Internet Business - your own Web page.

What? You consider Web site as a product not as an ad. Well, in business Web page is an ad.

These days if you are in any kind of business, not having your own Web page is like not being in business at all.

Look at any television or print ad and you'll see the URL included at the bottom. Why? I'll tell you why.

Having your own Web page is an amazingly simple and effective way for advertising with possibility of reaching thousands of people, if done well. But the best part is that it's amazingly inexpensive.

For a couple of bucks you can have something nearly as valuable as a magazine spread. Instead of buying an extremly expensive full-page ad in major magazine, you can instead buy a low-cost classified ad in the same publication, wich lists URL of your Web site.

Your classified ad becomes "ad for your ad". But while the classified is just a few tiny words, it points to your full color, electronic, dazzling Web page wich, if done well, can sell better than anything.

Furthermore, your Web Site do a lot of things that print ad cannot. Your Web page can display moving pictures, animation, sound - all focused on delivering your best sales message.

And the best thing, a Web Site is interactive. It actively engages the mind and imagination of your prospect. They can be informed, entertained and best of all - sold!

Literally millions of people are on the Web every day and not having your own site is immature if you are in business.

It's not just for sellers necessary to have a Web page. For all of you just seeking to build your MLM downlines, or recruiting referrals in your programs, a Web Site is heaven sent.

Your own Web page is a best place to convince people why they need to join your MLM or affiliate program. Use your imagination, tell them about great advantages your program have, offer them something for free if they join under you. Entice, excite, energize your prospect into signing up with you. Anything you can imagine that could help building your downline can be successfuly presented on your Web page.

Possibilities of your own Web Site are endless and space doesn't allow me to go further in describing it. My intention was just to underline importance of having your own Web Site.

So, if you are in business, give yourself a favor by building your own Web Site.


Bilal Babic, webmaster of Get your FREE copy of "Live Off The Internet" Ebook! The complete guide to using the Internet to profit NOW! $39 Value! Get it at Make Money Internet

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