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:: How To Choose An Affiliate Program ::

   There are literally thousands of affiliate programs that you can join for free. But how do you know which ones to choose? Do you pick one that pays you just for sending them a visitor or do you choose one that pays you for every sale you make?

Here are some guidelines that will allow you to make an informed and correct choice of which affiliate programs you should and shouldn't choose.

1. Look for Quality Affiliate Programs

It's so easy to join an affiliate program that just pays you a nice high commission for each sale you generate. But how long has this company been around? Do they offer quality products that you would buy? Do they give you 24 hour support and resources to succeed, or do they let you off on your own to figure things out? It always pays to join an affiliate program that will help and assist you along the way!

As well, an affiliate program may offer good, high quality products, but do these products suit your market? Are your website visitors looking for these products? Even if a company that offers your products don't pay a high commission you'll be better off in the longrun because you'll be offering your visitors what they need!

2. Choose a Product/Service You Feel Comfortable With

Like I've said previously, it is SO easy to join an affiliate program just because it pays high commissions. But if that's all the affiliate program offers, then it is NOT worth joining. Put yourself in your visitor's shoes. Will this product help my visitors? Would I personally buy this product? If you can't answer yes to both questions, then you should NOT endorse or sell that product. I always say, if it is good enough for you, it will be good enough for your visitors.

Now, when I say that you should choose a product to promote that you are comfortable with I don't mean that you must buy it to see for yourself. It is, however, very beneficial to buy the product that you are trying to sell to your visitors. Why? Because if you enjoy it or find it useful you will be able to endorse it full-heartedly. If you don't think your visitors can sense if you really believe in a product or not, then you are fooling yourself! This is because if you genuinely believe in a product or service you'll be more likely to close sales.

3. Look for Affiliate Programs that Compliment Your Site

I've alluded to this earlier and I will allude to it once again because it is so important to keep in mind. Do NOT just join an affiliate program because it looks good or because the commission payouts are high. Join affiliate programs that have products which compliment your site. Why would you join an affiliate program that has bird food products when your site is about whitewater rafting?? Even though you may get a 60% commission on all bird food you sell, how much do you think you will actually be able to sell on your site that has nothing to do with birds?!

Build your website about something you're interested in or knowledgeable about. Then, and only then, try to find some affiliate programs that compliment your site. If you can do that, you are in business!

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