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Tips On Choosing The Best Work At Home Business
2004 Kevin Hass - Work At Home

  Your "biscuit is cooked" and you are ready to dive into the work at home arena. With millions of home business do you find the best? The simple fact is that if you want to make couple of hundred dollars a week, there are tons of work at home opportunities where you can achieve this. You could fix computers, paint addresses on curbs, make candles, shop for the elderly, and on and on.

The major problem with this is that you would still be working many hours for little money....just like a real job! These type of businesses seldom allow you to build true wealth. Other then a massive inheritance or winning the lottery, how does the average person gain wealth? They earn the big cash through their own efforts combined with the efforts of other people. They earn while they work...and while they sleep and play! Network marketing is the best business to give you this ability.

"Literally thousands of people are realizing annual incomes in Network Marketing in excess of $100,000." - Entrepreneur Magazine

"Visions of Wealth and Independence Lead Professionals to Try Mulitlevel Marketing." - The Wall Street Journal

Network marketing is an incredible industry that is churning out millionaires quicker than any other type of business. Why has network marketing turned into a dream business? To understand this, you'll need to throw out any preconceived notions you may have about network marketing. For years, people starting a network marketing business were taught to pitch their business to family, friends, and neighbors. If you have ever tried this, I'm sure you have experienced the fast rejections: "That's just another pyramid scheme" "Nobody ever makes money doing that". Inevitably, a few days later they quit network marketing for good.

This shouldn't be a surprise. Nobody likes to be rejected...especially by family and neighbors. So why do people keep trying when they know that approximatley 95% of them crash and burn? The fact is that massive wealth is being made by thousands of network marketers who have thrown out the preconceived notions and have learned how to make it work in their favor.

How? The experts NEVER pitch anyone who has not already shown their interest. And they don't pitch their family, friends, or neighbors. The family and friends will jump on board when they see your success.

The bottom line is to market only to prospects and let your family and friends come to you.

Of course this is easier said than done. But when you start your home business search, find a business that does major co-op advertising. You can then "plug in" to these co-ops and build your business solely from home business seekers who come to you. THIS WORKS! Most of the experts started out this way.

Here are just a few advantages to network marketing that you won't find in any other business, job, franchise, or investment opportunity:
- Spend more time with your family working from your own home
- No traffic, commute, live where you want
- You are your own boss so you do the work you choose to do
- Work when you want part-time or full-time
- Residual income can continue years after you retire or quit the business
- No employment hassles and paperwork
- Massive tax benefits
- Low start-up costs, low risk, no inventory
- No dress code
- No ceiling on income
- No franchise fees
- You help others succeed instead of intense competition
- No experience is necessary as training is provided
- Free support when needed

And this is just a beginning to the many advantages associated with network marketing.

"Don't get distracted! Design a straight path, focus your vision on being safe, stick with your design and you WILL succeed." -Kevin Hass


Kevin Hass is a professional network marketer and a six figure earner. He has worked with thousands of online business builders as a Business Coach and has been a Top 20 Seller with the #1 online marketing network for over 2 years. He provides his methods and resources at his following web sites: Small Business Work at Home, Search Engine Submitter, Make Money Business, Home Based Business, Free Work at Home Job, Free Home Businesses, Online Businesses

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