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First Step To Work At Home Success
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  DISCOVER YOUR REASONS! I recently heard the president of a US corporation say, "Goals not written are simply dreams in your head and are never acted upon. Write your reasons, and they will become contracts with yourself."

Let your mind wonder and take time to dream. Think about what you would do with a million dollars. Perhaps you already have enough money and know the feeling that comes from helping others. So ask yourself, "How many ways can I use money to help people?" Write them down and review them. Find reasons that get to you emotionally: reasons that may make you feel inadequate as a parent or spouse, or reasons that create guilt and regret if not satisfied. Emotionally motivated reasons WILL move you toward obtaining your goals.

What is wistful regret? Wistful regrest is not an immediate regret that we all get on occasion…like when you back into a car at the grocery store. Wistful regret is a slow-driven, not so obvious regret that linger and accumulates over time. These are regrets that appear in thoughts of how we lived our lives over time. And how we may have affected other people in our lives. For example: If I had only gone to school, spent more time with my kids, or pursued that business opportunity. A wistful regret starts with….If I had only…..

To plan your future, start with dreaming. Then write a contract with yourself. If you begin with the end goal in mind, you will focus and recognize the distractions that keep you from what you really want. Written dreams that are realistic, specific, measurable, and obtainable become true Goals! Make them realistic by considering the time frame, your schedule, cost, location, morals, who it affects, etc… Be specific by considering how it appeals to all senses... Make them measurable by considering amount of money, size, length, amount of time, etc… Combine them to determine if your goals are obtainable with a work at home business opportunity.

Your path to obtaining goals is often distracted by many things. You must understand that with each adversity you are also given the seed of an equal or greater benefit. These seeds are planted within you, to use each time you are set back or fall short of what you want. The difference between those who succeed and others is that the successful had of vision of what they wanted. Their vision and faith allowed them to create the seed of benefit within themselves. All little things that may stand between them and their vision doesn't distract them. They always know what they want and make positive progress each day toward their end result.

When you complete your reasons list, find someone who understands and is practicing this process. They will be able to help you distinguish between a wish list and a realistic list of goals. Remember, written dreams that are realistic, specific, measurable, and obtainable are contracts with yourself. These become your VISION! If you have vision, you can accomplish anything.

"Fear is the traitor that keeps us from the good things in life by fearing to attempt." --William Shakespeare

"Don't get distracted! Design a straight path, focus your vision on being safe, stick with your design and you WILL succeed." -Kevin Hass


Kevin Hass is a professional network marketer and a six figure earner. He has worked with thousands of online business builders as a Business Coach and has been a Top 20 Seller with the #1 online marketing network for over 2 years. He provides his methods and resources at his following web sites: Small Business Work at Home, Search Engine Submitter, Make Money Business, Home Based Business, Free Work at Home Job, Free Home Businesses, Online Businesses

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