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:: Promote Using An Autoresponder ::

   Autoresponders are a must have tool for anyone running a business online! What is an autoresponder? Essentially an autoresponder is a program that will send emails on your behalf.

For example, let's say someone emails you for more information about a certain product you sell. Now, you could manually write an email and send it out to the interested prospect, but what if you get 100's of requests for more information every day? It would take a ton of time to respond to each and every person! This is where autoresponders come into the picture. An autoresponder allows you to write an email about your product and to store it on their server. Everytime a visitor to your site wants more information about your product they just click on the email link, type in their email and the autoresponder will immediately send that person more information on the product. Do you see how powerful this is? How much time it would save you?

Autoresponders don't just stop there though. Let's say you are offering an email course on your website about a specific subject. Using an autoresponder you could send the email course one email at a time at intervals you choose! The best thing is that within your email course you can strategically place information about how they can purchase your products. They say it takes around 7 exposures to an idea or product for someone to take action. Therefore, if you have an email course consisting of 7 emails sent out automatically by an autoresponder you are more likely to make a sale! This is why autoresponders and such an important part of an entrepreneur's online business.


  • Interested in using an autoresponder? Here is a couple of free ones that I would recommend using:

    Get Response

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