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:: Affiliate Programs Explained ::

   Affiliate programs, also known as Referral Programs or Partner Programs, offer individuals the opportunity to make money by selling other people's products. This gives you a way to harness the traffic you get at your website while generating sales. Why are affiliate programs so attractive? One reason is that you don't need to produce your own product to make money! By selling the products of other companies you earn a commission on that transaction.

Typically affiliate programs will be offered by sites that sell goods or services. However, some affiliate programs pay you for visitors you send them from your site, or even visitors who sign up for a membership or a newsletter.

Most companies who offer affiliate programs will pay you a commission based on a percentage of their product cost. Most pay commissions that range from 2% all the way up to 60% depending upon the types of products or services they provide.

Many affiliate programs keep track of the visitors you send them, so that if the visitor returns to their site 6 months later and buys something, YOU will be credited for that sale. Other affiliate programs will only pay you once for sending them a visitor regardless of what the visitor ends up purchasing.

Affiliate programs vary greatly in terms of how they pay, how much they pay, and what actions they pay for. Some will pay monthly while others pay when a minimum sales amount is reached. There are opitons of how you can be paid as well, whether it be by cheque or paypal. Some affiliate managers even offer instore credit!

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